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About Us

Global Hope Sports Management (GHSM) Established in 2007 has successfully supported the scouting, transfer, negotiation and placement of highly exceptional football players from West Africa to top Nigerian, African, European, American and Asian clubs. A duly registered company which comprises of a team of highly talented sports agents, journalists, ex-coaches, professional scouts and retired players. We continuously strife to bridge the gap between the dreams of exceptional talents and the needs of top clubs. We offer unique services to our clients because of the team of experts that makes up GHSM. And as such every of our services is uniquely and specially delivered.

Our Services

We help to relieve some of the complications that revolve around a footballer’s career and bridge the gap between clubs and players.

Player Services

We offer a dedicated player / family support service. Our Player Services Managers are specialized in Lifestyle Support and have vast experience of working within the sports industry

Club Sourcing

Our relationships with football scouts and teams around the world means we can place our clients at the right club in Europe and beyond

Contractual Negotiation

The trusted reputation of our FA Registered Intermediaries means we negotiate the contracts our clients need.We have an unrivalled track record of acting as a negotiator between clubs.

Talent Development & Management

From the moment we are retained, our Talent Development & Management Programme ensures we invest time analysing our client’s strengths and weaknesses.

Agent Representation

At GHSM, we guarantee a more in depth, considerate and long term approach. Agent representation and management is only one aspect of our holistic client management programme.

Media/ Public Relations

We maintains comprehensive coverage of our clients’ interests, ensuring strategically timed public appearances, press releases and media exposure, to maximize our clients’ public relations.

Our Team

At the heart of GHSM is a small team of strategic professionals, all sharing in the same passion, philosophy and firm belief in the power of great ideas. We are dedicated to helping our clients excel in their sporting careers.

Isreal Kole

Israel is a registered Nigerian football Intermediary. Israel Brings over 10 years of experience in players' management and talent identification and development. He possesses Msc from the Coventry University, UK. His Managerial expertise as a business and human manager translates easily into the football world where figures and contracts are key elements to professional players' life and humans are expected to be exceptionally and carefully managed. Over the years, Israel have been able to build a unique and key extensive network of contacts mostly within Nigeria and offshore enabling him to be at the forefront of the Nigerian and West African football.

Hope Kole

Hope Kole is a sport enthusiast, philanthropist and strong promoter of grassroot football. She is a Master’s Degree holder from the prestigious University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. She briefly served at the Royal Scottish Navy in the UK. Hope is presently a Manager in one of the leading Oil and Gas Servicing Firms in Nigeria and has over 15 years of experience in sports, sporting events and other related activities. She is happily married with children.

Vincent Somade

Vincent Somade a penchant for grassroots sports development. He has M.Sc in sports Psychology from University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria. Vincent has over 22 years of experience in sports/sporting events and other related activities.

Ademitan Abayomi

Ademetan Abayomi Olabode is an all Nigerian Soccer correspondent in North Central, a Columnist at Sports Talk, and an editor at futbalgalore. He has 9 years experience in professional communication, freelance, content provider and Media consultant Correspondent for reporting NPFL matches across various online platforms.

GHSM is Dedicated to Developing Young Boys with Football Talents, especially those from Financially-challenged Backgrounds, in the Field of Education and total Football Interest through our Pet Project – Hoffnung International Football Academy (HIFA)

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